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CBrought my dell desk top computer into Extreme Systems because I was locked out. After a short while, I was up and running. Awesome service, relaxed, friendly atmosphere and technicals that no there stuff. I recommend these guys highly for all your computer needs.

Charley J

They single handedly got my gaming computer running. I couldn't figure out the problem, my tech friends couldn't figure it out. But they did and fixed it in under an hour.


I would just like to give Rob a huge thank you for going over and beyond to satisfy a happy customer.  I couldn't find what I was looking for but Rob took it upon himself to buildup a gamingpc right there on the spot. Extreme systems will forever be my "go to" for PC maintenance, gaming, or repair.

Afrique Hollie

For all those who read this review, I rated Extreme Systems in Harker Heights a perfect 5+ for their outstanding customer service! I've enter this business on multiple occasions and have been assisted by Mr. Greg Moore related to my computer troubleshooting and update issues. In both occasions, Mr. Moore was very patient, knowledgeable and above all, very trustworthy! Mr. Moore took the time to explain and address my specific issues and needs related to my computers. Mr. Moore's team members are very courteous as well and very eager to assist you! While Extreme Systems provides a multitude of computer service for your needs, they also have great sales for computer laptops., etc. Thank you Mr. Moore and to all your staff for outstanding Customer Service!

Joseph B

My daughter has broken her charger port on her laptop twice and both times repair was done within a day and extremely affordable. Second time was done on the spot and I was gone twenty minutes later without a charge. Will always use them for my computer repairs. Best buy would have just told me to buy a new computer and charged me hundreds of dollars. Also have lots of affordable and great PC parts and hardware for sale. Staff is super knowledgeable and friendly.

James S

We had an issue with my son's computer. He downloaded a "safe" site from school and it wiped his computer. We had to buy a new operating system and memory. No one would touch it because they all wanted to charge us to put theirs in. After market parts apparently are bad. So another place recommend ES.

I took it in. The guy looked it over. Wrote out a work slip and in two days they fixed it! Works great, "knock on wood". Their cost isn't bad either.
Highly recommend this place if you just can't seem to get your computer to behave. They are super nice and it's privately owned. Small businesses ROCK!

Deborah P

These guys are a delight, and also quick and knowledgeable. They fixed every problem I have ever brought to them with my computers. I highly recommend them if you're experiencing any computer troubles at all.

Beverly B

They did an amazing service to fix water damage. They had it at 9 am and turned around and has it ready by 2 pm. Not many places can do the amazing work they did.

MLG Axes

Gave me a really good deal on a trade in and sold me this monstrous beast. Workers were polite, down to Earth, and gave me a complete rundown on how to use my new PC, and answered any question I had. This is gonna be my go to place for any future PC related purchases.

Minimum-Effort Stickman

This place is exactly what a professional electronics and computer service shop is expected to be. Many unusual parts and specialties. Very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for a good customer experience. I will be looking for ways to do business with this place. Well done!


100% recommend this place if you are having PC issues or looking for parts! The people over at Extreme Systems are fast, helpful and affordable.

Alfaro S.

The pros at Extreme Systems are extremely great! They don't just fix devices, they also take the time to ensure that you have a full understanding of stuff before you leave. This is my go to place for all things IT!!

Ronnie J.

Greg and his team very quickly got me into a system that works great for my family AND! my business.

Very easy process; I told them my desires / vision,  they gave me options, broke down pros and cons for each, and got me into such a much nicer system compared to my previous!

A day or two of Emails and texts back and forth for confirmations and clarification really solidified my trust for his team!

Will return!

Sean M.

Greg and Rob were awesome! Bought some budget friendly computer parts for my 3080 GPU and Power Supply. A friend and I put it together ourselves and happened to come across technical difficulties but when I took the rig to their store they assisted me in getting it working.

They were helpful and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend them for all Pc parts and issues.

Ace E.

This shop is the holy grail! We handed Greg & Rob a catastrophic mess and they had it fixed, ready in less than 24hrs and working BEAUTIFULLY. We made special arrangements so that we could take the computer to this specific shop  and I'm glad we did. Affordable pricing was also a huge bonus! Cheers guys, I owe ya one!

Kelsey R.

An excellent computer repair facility.  The staff knows computers and was quick to diagnose my problem. The parts were ordered, and my computer fixed quickly and for a reasonable price.  I highly recommend this group.

Maggie P.

Five stars for Extreme Systems! I recently had the pleasure of using their services to set up my new system, and I couldn’t be happier. The team at Extreme Systems was incredibly helpful from start to finish, guiding me through the entire process with their expertise. Not only did they provide me with a clean and sleek setup, but they also did it in record time. I was impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail. Thanks to Extreme Systems, I now have a top-notch system that exceeds my expectations. Highly recommended!

Faze S.

Rob was very helpful.  He was very helpful with my grandsons  computer that took him about two minutes to fix. All while explaining it to my son.  They have a lot of upgrades and parts to build your own. Or he will do it if you buy the parts from him. AWESOME PEOPLE LOVE THEM!!

John B.

I had such a great experience at this place! I was having some issues with my PC and Greg was happy to run a diagnostic on it for me. As a woman that doesn’t know too much about computers, I’m always nervous coming into places like these but they were very accommodating and explained everything in simple terms. I’ll definitely be back to have them install some upgrades for my PC. :)


It’s hard to find a credible small business that puts its customers first in the pc repair area. This team truly takes the time to help with the problem and give honest recommendations that put the customer first. Will be a return customer and highly recommend this service. They totally redid the cooling setup for my sons computer that came from the factory in a substandard configuration.

John H.

I had used this business when they first opened but then I changed to a computer business closer to my home, BIG mistake.

They may be a little out of the way for me but the quality of work and customer service is clearly worth it.

I brought a friend here to purchase a laptop and they listened to what she was using her old one for and recommended one to meet her needs. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive but one she should be satisfied to use.

If you're having computer issues I'd recommend you give them a try.

Doug Hadler